Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Our top 10 diet and weight loss tips

 OK here our top 10 diet and weight loss tips

1. Think of food as fuel not as a treat. 
Food is basically energy or fuel for your body. You should top up on high quality fuel and not over or under do it.

2 Realize that you are what you eat The saying “you are what you eat” is absolutely true but it reflects the pattern over months and years. You can stray but as a rule eat bad food on once a month or 3% of occasions

3. Eat smaller portions slowly. Eat your food on a small, saucer-sized plate to help you control your portions. Eat slow and drink a pint of water and wait 15mins before you go back for a second serving (ask do you really need that second helping?)

Stopping adding. Stop adding sugar and salt and relish and ketchup and mayo and other stuff. Don’t cook with them either.

Drink only water, real 100% juices or healthy hot drinks. 
Give up all sodas and artificial juices and even non-pure juice. These are the biggest culprits for weight gain in society.

Stay away from processed carbs esp white pasta, white bread and white rice. 
A serving of white rice, pasta or bread is as bad as eating a tablespoon of sugar. After consumption of what is called a “simple carbohydrate” your blood sugar levels spike and excess sugar is stored as fat.

Go easy on desserts and diary. including milk, cream, cheese etc. 
They can be eaten in great moderation.

Learn to love fruits and vegetables and leafy greens. 
Some people live almost entirely on these. Ignore at your peril!

Exercise regularly and with intensity.  
Exercise burns calories while your exercising and while at rest! The more muscle mass the more energy you burn. The more a muscle works, the more energy you burn.


Transition to a Mediterranean or paleo diet.  
Natural products that are not processed, high in fibre, low glycaemic index, low red meat, high fish, low fat. 


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