Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Jacques Van Rensburg vs Morgan Spurlock,

What could you do to your body in 3-4 weeks?

In this years Tour there was an explosion of data. First Chris Froome's personal data leaked and then officially released by Team Sky. Then DimensionData collected a huge amount and released a lot on its website here
But of particular interest, Strava the cycling app was worn by South African rider Jacques Van Rensburg who finished 51st out of 160, after 3,403.6 km (2115 miles) as recorded on Strava. His average speed over that distance was 38.39km/h (23.85 miles) with an average power output of 208 watts. His average cadence was 86 and he climbed an 45,134 metres!

Now consider that to do this incredible ride over 3 weeks he used up 74,983 calories (estimated) or the equivalent of 291 Big Macs! Finishing the tour is an amazing acheivement on its own, give anyone would have to be 1. superfit 2. relentless 3. prepared to burn 75,000 calories based on human effort alone.

By coincidence thats almost exactly the same as Morgan Spurlock, who ate only McDonalds for 30days in 2003

As a result he gained 11.1 kg (24 lb), a 13% body mass increase, increased his cholesterol to 230 mg/dL, and experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and fat accumulation in his liver. It took Spurlock fourteen months to lose the weight gained from his experiment using a vegan diet supervised by his then-girlfriend (now ex-wife), a chef who specializes in gourmet vegan dishes see
After the film sales of the famous burger chain decreased by $42 million in the USA. After that the fast food chain made some drastic changes. They introduced more nutritional items such as salads and fruit snacks while taking out the super-size option off its menu. Of course 95% still eat unhealthy at McDonalds.

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